Thursday, June 19, 2008

News: More Rotherham buildings up for design awards


Two Rotherham developments, the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and the Eco Homes at Henley Rise, have been shortlisted for this year’s RIBA Yorkshire White Rose Awards. The Bond Bryan designed "Factory of the Future" at the Advanced Manufacturing Park houses the AMRC, a partnership between Boeing and the University of Sheffield. Over 100 researchers will be stationed at the facility, and will be responsible for transferring knowledge of pioneering industrial techniques in aerospace, automotive and medical sectors to manufacturing companies throughout the whole region. The building is 4,200 sq m and distinctive in its architecture. It has been designed as national exemplar of sustainable building development and includes eco heat pumps and two wind turbines. The design is shortlisted for the overall White Rose Award for Architecture and the Sustainable Futures Award, where it is joined by the Henley Rise project. The South Yorkshire Housing Association project provides 23 timber-framed affordable homes at Masbrough. The properties are superinsulated to minimise heat loss and for most of the year, heat from lights and appliances will provide enough warmth without the need to use central heating. All the properties benefit from a complete solar roof generating 3000KW of electricity per property and providing at least two thirds of the hot water needed by the household. This is currently the largest installation of its kind in the UK.
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