Friday, June 6, 2008

News: Wake up and smell the coffee in Rotherham


The Star Business Monthly is out this week and it features David Veal, the man behind Cafe Sienna, the Rotherham based company that supplies coffees, teas, espresso machines and cafetieres for bars, restaurants and hotels accross the country. As chairman of the Beverage Service Association, David has a policy at his company, formerley known as Coffee Exchange, to insist on the highest quality and the best principals of business and conduct from coffee suppliers. Cafe Sienna is the agent for top brand, Lavazza, in the north of England and also produces coffee under the Cafe Sienna name. David told the Star: "We have lots of plans for growing the business. My feeling is you can either cower in your corner and wait for things to pass or you can do something about it. "Coffee has become a lifestyle product and lifestyles evolve, they don't just change because we are in a recession."
Cafe Sienna website
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