Wednesday, September 24, 2008

News: Crisp business defies crunch


Creative Sheffield report on the Rotherham business, Yorkshire Crisp Company that is seemingly defying the economic climate by sending out its largest order to date – a staggering 44,000 drums. Yorkshire Crisps Managing Director, Tony Bishop said: "There has been so much talk about the economic downturn and how small companies are struggling to keep their heads above water, but conversely we have found the negative climate has had a positive impact on our sales. "At Yorkshire Crisps we have worked hard to keep our production costs as low as possible, without impacting on our quality. Sourcing products locally has meant rising fuel prices have had a minimal impact on our raw material costs. For instance our crisps are grown at a farm five miles down the road and are delivered by tractor." The recently launched Henderson’s Deliciously Spicy Yorkshire Crisps has fast become one of the company’s top selling flavours.
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