Thursday, October 30, 2008

News: Rotherham Renaissance roadshows


Rotherham Renaissance is going on the road, taking the transformation message out to the people of the borough. And that means the public can discover, question – and challenge – all the issues involved. "It’s a chance for the people of the borough to grab us and ask us what it really means to them," said one of the key figures behind Renaissance, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council’s strategic director of Environment & Development Services, Karl Battersby. He is one of several senior people involved in Renaissance, from the council, Chamber of Commerce and other Renaissance partners, taking part in a series of roadshows over the coming months. Karl Battersby said: "It’s important that Rotherham people realise that this project is – quite literally – life changing, not only for adults today, but for their children and future generations. So it’s important we reach people. By us standing in supermarkets, country parks, leisure centres and other places, hopefully we’ll be making Renaissance information more accessible for people." The £2bn programme is well under way in the town centre and the Renaissance team wants to get across to people the reality of the changes. The first roadshow takes place at Wentworth Garden Centre this Sunday. See the Rotherham Renaissance website for further dates.
Rotherham Renaissance website


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