Wednesday, February 23, 2011

News: NHS Trust saves energy and money with Powerstar


EMS (UK) Ltd, the Rotherham based energy consultancy is helping the Mersey Care NHS Trust to save an average of 18% on annual energy consumption.

The Trust has around 700 in-patient beds on 13 sites and has installed the EMS Powerstar voltage optimisation system at sites including Ashworth, Mossley and Rathbone Hospitals along with Scott Clinic. At Rathbone Hospital annual kWh savings are 65,796, the equivalent of £6,974, whilst Scott Clinic has benefited from annual kWh savings of 51,573 kWh, or £5,446.

The Powerstar system is the only voltage optimisation system wholly designed and manufactured in the UK and works by reducing the the voltage supplied by the National Grid. A growing number of NHS Trusts are turning to Powerstar, not only for it's ability to reduce energy consumption, but also to improve the life expectancy of on-site equipment as well as reduce maintenance costs.

Mark O'Grady, managing director of MITIE Engineering Maintenance, the facility management company used by Mersey Care NHS trust for the Powerstar installations said: "We would highly recommend Powerstar voltage optimisation systems. The Powerstar installations at the Mersey Care NHS Trust have achieved an 18% saving on total electricity consumption."

Terry Shemwell, Powerstar Consultant to Local Authorities and the NHS added: "The NHS has highlighted its commitment to cutting carbon emissions and meeting the government's targets to cutting emissions by 80%, by 2050. Solutions such as Powerstar are allowing trusts to not only achieve these targets but plough back money saved into improved patient care and services."

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