Tuesday, May 10, 2011

News: Rotherham Hospital entrance completed


BAM Construction has completed the new entrance designed by Race Cottam Associates at Rotherham Hospital.

The major redevelopment project, which formed part of the first phase of The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust's "Healthcare of Tomorrow" programme is one of a number designed by the Sheffield Architects, having previously completed a new Theatre Admissions Unit and Theatre refurbishment work along with a series of other improvements at the hospital.

Tim Robinson, architect at Race Cottam, said: "The objective of improving patient experience underpinned the Rotherham Hospital project, as over 500 people use the entrance every hour. We created our designs with the intention of providing a gateway to the hospital which addresses the scale of the existing building and the services it offers, whilst offering more services for patients and visitors, and making it easier for them to find what they are looking for.

"The new entrance is in complete contrast to the previous design, which was unsuitable for modern use. The space now feels open and welcoming, whereas prior to the improvements it felt very cold and clinical."

Retail units within the entrance have been remodelled, and the patient street widened to facilitate easier access to the services. Signage has been improved and additional toilet provision and a baby feeding facility have been incorporated. External seating and improved drop-off areas have been built, covered by modern canopies. A new pedestrian crossing improves safe access from visitor car parks, enhancing the patient experience.

Matthew Lowry, Chief of Hospital for The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, said: "The new entrance creates a welcoming gateway to services, transforming the experience for patients and visitors.

"Coming into a hospital environment can be daunting and these new facilities will hopefully improve the whole experience, making it easier for the patients to get around, find what they want and get the help they need."

Work at the hospital will continue into 2017 and schemes include "Future Wards", combining the latest technology and architectural design to improve patient experience, patient dignity and respect with improved facilities for patients and visitors.

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