Wednesday, May 11, 2011

News: U-Explore to support footballing apprentices


League Football Education (LFE) has signed up with innovative Rotherham education specialist, U-Explore, to offer careers education to football apprentices across the country.

League Football Education (LFE) manages the educational programme for apprentices at the 72 clubs within the Football League. These apprentices join the Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (ASE), which aims to bring out the very best in sporting ability, whilst delivering a high standard of education, too.

U-Explore's educational products support careers education and work-related learning. Their "Job Bank", "Where Could I Work?" and "360-Degree Virtual Tours" packages use cutting edge media to bring careers education to life.

Figures show that after a two-year football Apprenticeship, approximately 60% of apprentices are let go. In line with these figures, LFE intends to use U-Explore to give apprentices access to careers advice across a range of industries.

Providing these young people with in-depth careers education through U-Explore will help to arm those that are not part of the select few to make it in this industry with the tools to build on an alternative career.

U-Explore will help to show young apprentices what they can do with the qualifications, experience and personal skills they already have, as well as pointing them in the right direction for further qualifications.

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