Wednesday, August 3, 2011

News: EMS relaunch Airstar


Rotherham based manufacturing company EMS UK Ltd is re-launching their innovative Airstar solution.

The Templeborough company has seen an increased demand from companies facing spiralling electricity costs coupled with legally binding carbon reduction targets.

Airstar reduces up to 90% of compressed air consumption. It can accurately control the flow of compressed air through a high speed air valve which is controlled either through sensors, through an intelligent timer circuit or through both. Signals are analysed by the microprocessor which allows only the correct amount of air to be used.

Compressed air is one of the most expensive energy sources to a company, accounting for as much as 15% of total electricity costs on many commercial sites.

Dr Alex Mardapittas, managing director of EMS UK Ltd, said: "Airstar has helped many companies reduce their impact on the environment and substantially lower electricity bills.

"We have experienced an increase in demand for the solution over recent months and as such have decided that now is the ideal time to re-launch the product into the market place."

EMS are renowned for being at the forefront of technological advances in energy management thanks to their Star range of solutions. The six products, all designed and manufactured in the UK using locally sourced components are Powerstar, Airstar, Hotelstar, Lightstar, Motorstar and Autostar. The company's product portfolio boasts an impressive range of applications that can reduce energy consumption and cut electricity costs with payback periods from as little as six months.

EMS recently announced a sponsorship deal with Wickersley under 10s Junior Football Club based in Rotherham.

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