Thursday, August 18, 2011

News: VO4HOME expands overseas


Rotherham based voltage optimisation company VO4HOME, has seen its sales footprint increase in Europe following an expansion into the Maltese market with the leading Maltese environmental solutions company, CD Power Saving Co. Ltd.

VO4HOME is designed to maximise the delivery of energy into the home to 220V/230V and the innovative technology can reduce energy use, CO2 and as a result has a direct impact on lowering the end user's electricity bill.

CD Power Saving was established in Malta in 2005 with the aim of providing environmental products and services that can substantially reduce energy usage, environmental impacts and costs to both the consumer and business market.

Martin de Bono, managing director of CD Power Saving, said: "We are constantly looking at new products and technologies that will be of benefit to our customers, and we were very excited when we came across VO4HOME's voltage optimisation product.

"To ensure the device worked as well as we believed it would we had it independently tested at the Malta Institute of Sustainable Energy. The test established the minimum potential savings available by utilising the technology, and is undertaken by two professors from the University of Malta."

The savings, which turned out to be a minimum of 8% were in line with expectations, but will improve in respect of consumer air conditioning systems, which are very common in Malta. The company purchased a significant number of units and see the product becoming one of, if not the, company's flagship product.

Geoff Clifton, business development manager for VO4HOME, said: "This is an exciting development for VO4HOME that will provide tangible cost benefits for those using the technology in Malta. Saving them money whilst simultaneously lowering their carbon footprint. It's very much a win-win situation for the customer."

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