Tuesday, November 1, 2011

News: US partnership for Connexion2


Rotherham's Connexion2 has signed a new partnership to deliver their lone worker solutions in the USA and Canada across a range of market sectors.

The Dinnington-based manufacturer of the UK's most widely-used dedicated lone worker device, Identicom, are teaming up with G4S Justice Services, LLC, an electronic monitoring services heavyweight, in order to facilitate a range of leading solutions to help lone workers dynamically assess and reduce risks faced as part of their job.

Florida-based G4S Justice Services is being supplied with Identicom devices by Connexion2 and from there are supplying lone worker solutions in conjunction with industry leading Alarm Receiving Centres providing the first line of response to any alerts subsequently raised.

The Identicom device is designed to look like a normal identity card holder but it allows users to easily raise an alarm in the face of verbal abuse or attack, or if "Man Down" through automatic incapacity detection.

Chris Allcard, sales director at Connexion2, said: "We are proud to announce the partnership with G4S in the US. Their infrastructure, staff skills and experience, and understanding of the needs of various types of lone workers has enabled them to create compelling solutions around our devices and technologies. We look forward to supporting them as they develop this market."

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