Friday, December 21, 2012

News: Buy in bulk to help feed Africa


Bulk Meats, a new online enterprise that aims to deliver the widest choice of lean, high-quality fresh meats at wholesale prices, has launched in Rotherham.

Based at RiDO's Fusion @ Magna Business Centre, the new venture offers low-priced, high-quality fresh meat to people in the UK whilst also providing meals to starving children in Africa.

Every time the company sells a larger, "bulk" pack of fresh meat, of 1kg upwards, that people can then freeze and store at homes, they are donating a meal to starving African children via the United Nation's World Food Program.

Serial entrepreneur Gavin Edley, 25, has joined with Anthony Nettleship, 27 to launch the new venture and the Rotherham pair are targeting hard pressed families as well as body-builders, fitness fanatics and other athletes that rely on a high protein diet.

"We wanted to establish a business that tackled the financial issues people currently face over here, by offering competitively-priced, fresh, quality meat – a big part of most people's grocery bills" said Edley, "But also to give something to those less fortunate than people in the UK too."

Nettleship added: "With the current economic conditions, it's easy for people to become overly-focused on their own problems, and forget about those that are less fortunate.

"We wanted to develop a business model that helped people with their problems in the UK, but also maintained consciousness for those in much worse conditions, and try to help those people too."

The pair expect to feed over 7,000 starving African children within their first year of trading, with more meals being provided as the company grows and expands.

Bulk Meats website

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