Wednesday, March 29, 2017

News: Pricecheck breaks £50m turnover barrier


Award-winning firm, Pricecheck Toiletries has passed the £50m turnover barrier as it continues to grow from its premises at Beighton Link Business Park in Rotherham.

Pricecheck is a leading supplier of international branded consumer goods, working predominately in the health and beauty sector, dealing with discounted clearance stock. It won the Queen's Award for International Trade 2015 for continuous and cumulative overseas export earnings growth of 283% over six years.

The second generation family owned business, established in 1978 by the parents of Mark Lythe and Debbie Harrison who now run the company as joint managing directors, officially opened the new premises in 2016. With ambitious future growth plans, the 115,000 sq ft warehouse is able to accommodate 40% more than previously achievable and offices have tripled in size.

Recognising the contribution that private companies make in Yorkshire & North East, multinational professional services network, PwC is highlighting some of the success stories this week and Pricecheck is used to show how a private, Yorkshire business goes from local to global.


Mark Lythe and Debbie Harrison, joint managing directors at Pricecheck, explained how being a private company enables them to be adaptable, focus on long-term growth and maintain control over decisions and activities.

The pair said: "Being private means more flexibility and adaptability to change, which is invaluable when it comes to often volatile foreign markets. The speed at which one can react to change is a huge advantage for any international business, meaning growth need not be stunted by sudden industry fluctuations, such as currency instability or recent uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

"There is also flexibility in choosing product categories, having recently expanded into food, drink and pet care, the business can "test the waters" for what works well. Another benefit is the ability to focus on certain market sectors, or target specific countries for export.

"Looking forward, now that Pricecheck has broken the £50m barrier, the next target is to double turnover to £100m within the next five years, meaning continued growth in all areas of the business, via recruitment, export and the addition of new product categories. It's an exciting time to be a private company and indeed a Yorkshire business with global ambitions."

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