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News: AESSEAL - a true Rotherham Pioneer


It was fitting that the first meeting of the new place marketing initiative, the Rotherham Pioneers, was at AESSEAL - a global business with its headquarters in the borough that truly embodies engineering excellence.

A major exercise was launched last month using "The Rotherham Story" as a way of promoting the borough. Businesses will act as ambassadors - so-called Rotherham Pioneers - armed with the story and an outward looking mentality.

The first major theme of the Rotherham Story focuses on engineering excellence and attendees heard from Steve Dodd, commercial director of AESSEAL.

With its global headquarters at Templeborough, the £150m turnover company manufactures mechanical seals for a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, food, water, mining and pharmaceuticals. With a focus on quality, the firm has won numerous awards including 13 Queen's Awards to date.

AESSEAL is the world's fourth-biggest maker of mechanical seals and has previously seen sales and profits grow every year for over 30 years. It operates in 104 countries with 58 repair facilities and nine manufacturing sites. AES currently employs more than 1,650 people worldwide, of whom approximately 680 are in the UK and Ireland and more than 350 in Rotherham.


Dodd explained that a recent totting up of the sales figures indicated that AESSEAL had recently passed the landmark figure of £1.5 billion worth of products sold since 1979.

And the business shows no sign of slowing down. "We are looking at our best sales month ever, " Dodd told the attendees. With a day to go, AESSEAL was at £15m in sales for March.

Turnover for 2016 is expected to be reported at around £152m with exports making up around 80% of that.

Dodd said: "The global oil and gas industry is on its knees but that is good for us - it forces companies to re-evaluate. AES sees oil and gas as the next phase of growth."

The company's ethos is based around providing such exceptional service to customers that they need never consider alternative sources of supply and Dodd paid tribute to the company's customer service and sales teams.
AESSEAL continues to invest. £3m in the last six months, over £53m in the last ten years. Chris Rea OBE, DL, the founder and group managing director is still very much involved and looking long term. The £3m recent investment in machinery will take a year to come on stream.

Dodd concluded: "We are going to go through a growth spurt, of that I am sure."

Those behind the new place marketing exercise are looking for other Rotherham Pioneers to come forward to discuss similar positive stories about business growth and the borough's economy as a whole.

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