Monday, April 10, 2017

News: Bid back in for key Rotherham road repairs


The A630, a key transport route through the borough, is at risk of closure as Rotherham Council applies to the Government for millions in funding to carry out critical work.

The Government operates the Local Highway Maintenance Challenge Fund, a £575m fund available to local highway authorities over six years on a competitive bid basis.

A Council bid was unsuccessful in the first round of funding so another has been drafted up, more focused on the Centenary Way section of the A630.

Major work is required on the Crinoline Bridge, a key section of Centenary Way that plays a critical role in managing traffic movements through and around the town centre, forming part of both the inner and outer ring road.


The bridge is close to the interchange and the junction created for the Tesco development on Drummond Street. Scheduled inspections over the past 20 years have revealed severe issues with the bridge joints. More recent specialist inspections have identified severe corrosion and concrete spilling over large areas. The life expectancy of the bridge has dramatically reduced and the most cost effective solution is to rebuild the top of the abutments and replace the deck of the bridge to modern design standards.

The bid states: "The limitations of the Council's bridge maintenance budget has meant that it has not been possible to address the current problems of Crinoline Bridge and it continues to deteriorate and possible failure and/or loading restrictions or closure will result.

"The scheme will ensure that the structural integrity of the A630, including Crinoline Bridge, will be maintained. It will ensure that the corridor can function to its full capacity with no traffic restrictions due to bridge strength or carriageway condition, and ensure that the route can continue to operate as an abnormal load route. It will support the economic well-being of the whole area."

The A630 provides access to the M1, Sheffield and Doncaster from Rotherham town centre, and to the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP).

The bid is for £2.8m from the Government, with £960,000 coming from the Council, who would also meet any cost overruns. The Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund is thought to be worth £75m during 2017/18.

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