Tuesday, January 18, 2022

News: Plans in for a further 200+ houses on former Rotherham greenbelt


A second set of plans have been submitted for a large residential development on former greenbelt land in Rotherham. If they are granted it would see outline approval for over 200 houses, joining 450 already approved nearby.

Rothbiz has previously reported that landowners had worked together to secure a residential allocation for the nearly 50 acre site off Lathe Road / Worry Goose Lane / Sheep Cote Road at Whiston through the development of the borough's Local Plan.

The site consists of two arable fields divided by a bank and hedgerow and sits between existing housing and Sitwell golf course.

The latest outline plans are for a site at land off Shrogswood Road and include a residential development of up to 217 homes and means of access.

Outline plans for a 450 house development on adjacent land at Whiston were approved by Rotherham Council's planning board in 2020.

JVH Town Planning have put together the latest application for E V Waddington Ltd and plans state: "The proposed development is for the residential development of 8.83 hectares of land and includes open spaces landscaping and sustainable urban drainage. The overall vision for the site is to create an attractive and sustainable development, to provide a new living environment which will provide a mix of new homes, open spaces and attractive recreational areas in keeping with the edge of settlement location."

Vehicle access is set to be off Shrogswood Road which currently becomes a private road and leads to the golf club. A transport assessment is included with the outline application.

Drainage is set to be addressed with basins and ponds as part of a sustainable urban drainage system.

A percentage of affordable housing would be expected with a development this size but plans state: "At this time it is not possible to specify the exact number or locations of these units as this information is not known at this outline stage."

A number of objections have already been received, as they were for the 450 house proposals, with flooding and traffic being big issues for residents.

For example, studies have concluded that multimillion pound improvements are necessary at the nearby Worrrygoose roundabout. The junction already operates at capacity with queues. A condition was attached to the earlier 450 house application to include road widening, bus lanes and new crossings here.

In the 217 house proposal is a scheme which includes entry widening on the B6410 Worrygoose Lane approach to the roundabout, plus the potential introduction of Keep Clear markings at the junction with Lathe Road to prevent queues impacting on the operation of that junction.

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Anonymous,  January 18, 2022 at 12:58 PM  

Its all about ££££££££,greedy developers,to hell with envy and birds nesting in hedgerows.And it's all cobblers these millions of homes being thrown up all over country are desperately needed!

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