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News: Residents cry foul over Rotherham KFC development, with Costa planning to join


Updated plans for a food-led revamp of a former commercial property in a Rotherham village are being recommended for approval, despite a number of objections.

Rothbiz revealed back in 2018 that QFM Group, the Sheffield-based developer and operator of a number of fast food franchises, was progressing plans for new outlets in Wickersley, Rotherham.

QFM Group is one of the largest franchise companies in the UK and was founded in 1982 when it opened its first restaurant in Sheffield. It now has a chain of quick service restaurants and is continuing to grow with a current expansion programme. QFM operates world renowned brands such as KFC, Costa Coffee and Taco Bell.

Planning permission was secured and KFC opened in Wickersley last year in a building near to The Tanyard that was formerly used by Tirobaggi, an online supplier of quality handbags and accessories, and Edward Healy & Sons, a provider of shoe repair materials.

New plans are for a Costa Coffee alongside KFC.

Plans show that the 4,000 sq ft development could be subdivided into three units and planners previously concluded that "the proposed development represents an acceptable form of development in this locality that will be in keeping with its character and appearance and would not adversely affect the amenity of neighbouring residents or highway users."

However, differences between the scheme approved and that currently operating have resulted in the submission of a new application to regularise matters.

The latest application seeks full planning permission for the subdivision and change of use of the existing building to two units (rather than three) comprising a takeaway to the Bawtry Road frontage with a coffee shop to the rear area.

These differ from the café and take-away previously approved under the 2019 permission in that the take-away element has slightly reduced in area and the coffee shop element increased.

KFC would continue to have public access from the Bawtry Road elevation with the coffee shop being accessed from the Fairways frontage. Also in the plans are an external seating area to the front and a service area and car parking area for three cars to the rear.

Applicants say that: "The proposal improves and re-uses one of the oldest buildings in the district centre in a way that would result in 20 jobs and increased footfall at this end of the centre."

A number of objections and a petition from local residents have been received covering issues around the need for more takeaways in the area, the character of the area, noise and odour issues and various highway issues.

Planners are recommending that planning board members approve the plans. They maintain that the application complies with council planning policies brought in to address the proliferation of takeaways to help maintain the economic vitality and viability of town district and local centres.

A planning report states that "the proposal would not result in more than 10% of the ground floor units in the district centre being used as hot food takeaways (this unit would bring the total to 9%)" and adds that two takeaways would not be operating adjacent to each other (against the policy guidelines) as the Seven Seas fish bar next door to the application site "has more recently added a restaurant onto the site so is not exclusively a takeaway use."

The opening hours are set to be 0700hrs to 2300hrs. Planning officers add that with "the building not being immediately adjacent to residential properties and the commercial nature of the area the proposed hours are considered to be acceptable."

The proximity to local schools was also raised by objectors but the council's policy means that, as the site is within a defined district centre and satisfies the relevant planning policies, it cannot be refused on these grounds.

If approved, planning permission comes with a number of proposed conditions including extraction systems to abate odours and plant and equipment that doesn't exceed certain noise levels.

Measures to prevent indiscriminate parking in the wide footway fronting and adjacent the premises have now been implemented following the recent insertion of the bollards in this location. These were part of the previous planning permission and KFC was forced to close until the works were carried out.

The plans are due to go before the planning board at Rotherham Council next week.

QFM Group website

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Anonymous,  September 14, 2022 at 1:05 PM  

Didn't think takeaways were allowed to open near schools? (That's the reason our ever diligent planning officers give for refusing them in the town centre).

Typical RMBC - one rule to punish town centre businesses, another for Wickersley. All business owners ask for is fairness and consistency. With RMBC, we get neither and as a result the borough suffers.

This is a very badly thought out development.

Anonymous,  September 14, 2022 at 1:29 PM  

Could be a hell of a lot worse with some of the other 'developments' around Bramley, Hellaby and Ravenfield.

RMBC's planning department don't seem to have much thought or sympathy for the residents.

Anonymous,  September 16, 2022 at 6:44 AM  

Its the same with most planning officers, Council's seem to get away with wasting millions but are never held accountable

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