Wednesday, July 2, 2008

News: Beatson Clark recycle with Kieran & Dumpty


MHW Magazine report on Rotherham glass manufacturer, Beatson Clark featuring in an educational DVD on recycling. Kier Street Services have refurbished an old dustcart for use as an environmental educational vehicle and now 'Dumpy' the dustcart together with Kier mascot Kieran go into primary schools and fairs teaching children the merits of sustainability and recycling. The in-cab DVD shows Kieran telling the story of how glass jars and bottles are recycled by Beatson Clark. Marketing Manager Charlotte Muscroft told the magazine: "Beatson Clark is keen to encourage recycling and sustainable practices and it is important to get this message across to everyone, particularly children. "We play our part in using recycled glass, but we are always happy to promote the advantages of recycling to a wider audience." The firm has recently applied to increase glass recycling at their Glasshouse Street facility.
Beatson Clark website
MHW Magazine article


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