Thursday, May 14, 2009

News: Pulse Tidal project installed in Humber Estuary


Pulse Tidal's energy generator is now fully assembled and undergoing commissioning and testing in the Humber Estuary.

The company based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham has developed the prototype pulse generator which is capable of generating up to 0.15MW.

The Pulse Stream 100 is the world's first grid-connected shallow-water tidal stream generator and is installed near Immingham.

The two piles were hammered into the seabed in April 2008 and main structures installed shortly afterwards. Since then the powertrain, including 4 hydrofoils, lever arms, connecting rods and gearbox-generator-control system have been finalised and assembled.

The team of engineers from Pulse Tidal Ltd, the originator of the technology; IT Power, a leading developer of marine energy devices and project co-ordinator; Econnect, partner for the control system and grid connection; and Humber Work Boats, a local company that mobilised staff and installation vessels, will now continue the testing programme through the summer, with results of the device's performance to be ready later this year.

Howard Nimmo, commercial director of Pulse Tidal Ltd said: "the installation of this device just 1 km from a large chemical works shows the importance of shallow tidal power technology in bringing power to exactly where it is needed. This project is just the start - others are now in the pipeline."

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