Tuesday, February 22, 2011

News: Dearne Valley Eco-EXPO & Festival 2011


The first ever Eco-EXPO and Festival is coming to Rotherham as part of a drive to secure the Dearne Valley as one of the greenest areas in Europe.

Dearne Valley College is hosting the Dearne Valley Festival in conjunction with the Dearne Valley Eco-Vision Team, DDQ (Delivering Design Quality) initiative, Keepmoat, Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) and Barnsley College.

The event, to be held on Friday March 18, aims to share and celebrate high profile examples of green communities and Eco-Developments from across Europe. The Eco-EXPO and Festival will also provide an opportunity for local "green-based" businesses and learning centres to promote their services in order to give a boost to the local economy.

The festival will inform the local people about green living and it is hoped that the event will enable Communities in the Dearne Valley develop an "Eco-Charter" that people in the area can integrate into their everyday lives in order to make the area more carbon efficient and to position the Dearne Valley as one of the greenest areas in Europe.

The event will reach audiences, including business representatives from the construction sector, emerging 'eco' industries, local community members, students and their families and national and international practitioners.

As part of the expo, keynote speaker Hans-Jörg Schawander, from Freiburg Innovation Academy has been asked to provide his views and experience of living in green communities. Wath born Neil Baxter, Chair of the Work and skills Board and Managing Director of Bramall Construction, will deliver a talk about living in the Dearne Valley and how we can move forward in ensuring that housing in the Dearne Valley can be at the forefront of sustainability.

Travelling from Catalunya, a team of architects and engineers will talk about their experience in developing new green technologies and applying them to award winning social housing schemes within their communities, and exchange best practice and skills with locally based companies.

Joanne Wehrle, Dearne Valley Eco-Vision Project Manager said: "As part of the Eco-Vision, the Dearne Valley will be transformed by the know-how of its people and by the imagination and commitment of its community and its enterprise.

"The Eco-Vision will see the Dearne Valley become a community with the lowest carbon footprint of any comparable place – within ten years and in doing so realise a full transformation from being a carbon production area as part of its coal mining heritage, to one of the most heavily polluted areas in Western Europe, to a leading community in reducing the world's carbon and ecological footprint."

Paul Townsley, DVC Principal and Chief Executive added: "This is a fantastic opportunity to engage on the "Green Agenda" with employers and the communities of Dearne Valley and to raise awareness of Eco-developments locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

"This type of International Eco Festival is a first for the area and Dearne Valley College is pleased to host such an event and to help promote the Eco-Vision of the Dearne Valley."

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