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News: Dearne Valley College reaches apprenticeship milestone


A local campaign to recruit 100 apprentices in 100 days is being boosted by Dearne Valley College (DVC), having reached the milestone of the 25th recruit.

Established in 1976, DVC has its main campus in Manvers and specialises in vocational training and apprenticeships. It has joined with Rotherham College to undertake the "100 in 100" campaign, which is backed by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Rotherham Investment & Development Office and the Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce.

The colleges are challenging local companies to get involved and pledge to support an apprentice.

Tia Rawson has recently embarked upon a Business Administration Apprenticeship at Mexborough Montagu Academy, and is the 25th person to be recruited as part of the 100 in 100 campaign.

Tia said: "My apprenticeship has helped me to grow in confidence due to working within a real office environment. The job is really varied which has meant I've learnt all aspects of my role and I get to work with new people every day."

Her employer, Sue Holmes added: "I would recommend any business to take the opportunity to hire an Apprentice as Tia is a real asset to us. Having an Apprentice working in a busy office environment is proving to be very successful and it’s great to think you’re helping someone on the first rung of their career ladder."

Launched during the recent National Apprenticeship Week, the recruitment drive is aimed at promoting the benefits of Apprenticeships to employers and young people.

Kaye Jackson, business development manager at Dearne Valley College, said: "We are well on our way to achieving our target of recruiting 100 Apprentices in 100 days, and more importantly of raising awareness and a better understanding of the benefits that Apprenticeships bring for young people and for the businesses that recruit them.

"Apprenticeships allow employers to mould young talent to suit the specific needs of their businesses making them an extremely valuable asset, and Apprentices are able to gain practical, industry-specific skills and qualifications whilst earning a wage, and often find themselves on the first step towards a lifelong career. We are looking forward to the continued success of this campaign and the growth of Dearne Valley College's Apprenticeship provision."

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