Friday, May 30, 2008

News: The ultimate Yorkshireman’s crisp


Rotherham based Yorkshire Crisps Company has teamed up with Sheffield’s favourite brand, Henderson’s Relish, to launch the ultimate Yorkshireman’s crisp. Henderson’s Deliciously Spicy Yorkshire Crisps, will be available throughout the UK, offering residents outside South Yorkshire the Henderson’s Relish taste for the first time ever. Established in 2005 Yorkshire Crisps was founded by businessman Ashley Turner who’s family businesses have been established in Sheffield for over 100 years. The company is based at Waleswood, Rotherham. Ashley Turner, comments: “We wanted to add a spicy flavour to our range and knew that Henderson’s Relish would be the perfect accompaniment." Henderson’s Relish, made in Sheffield for over 100 years, is still being made within half a mile of the site from which the first bottle was filled. Managing Director and Chairman of Henderson’s Relish, Dr. Kenneth Freeman, said: “As an established Sheffield brand, we’re very happy to be teaming up with another prestigious local producer. We’re expecting these crisps to be a big success, combining Yorkshire’s favourite brands.”


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