Wednesday, June 11, 2008

News: Rotherham enterprise education gains national recognition


Later this month, The Creating Enterprising Places conference will hear how Rotherham is at the forefront of creating successful enterprise education at a local level. Jackie Frost and Catherine Brentnall will hold an interactive workshop detailing the success behind the Rotherham Ready Project, which is breaking new ground in business engagement, developing personal skills such as creativity and risk management and opening young people’s eyes to the diversity of enterprise. Rotherham Ready involves all Rotherham schools and colleges and, uniquely, aims to engage all young people, aged four to 19, in developing enterprise skills. In a recent essay on thinking like an entrepreneur, Claire O’Halloran, who works in Emerging Business and Innovation for Microsoft, cites the innovative u-explore project as a great example of how technology can bring work experience to life and engage even the most disenfranchised school kids. Developed by The Music Factory in Rotherham, u-explore software won a Microsoft award for innovation through technology in 2007.
Rotherham Ready website
u-explore website
Creating Enterprising Places conference
Thinking Like an Entrepreneur essay


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